Fulfilling Pottery Classes in Redruth

3 little bowels

Improve your skills and meet like-minded people with pottery classes and workshops in Redruth, Cornwall. These sessions are a great way to further explore the world of pottery.

I have three types of weekly workshops; on the wheel, for those who want nothing more than to learn to throw and are focused solely on that; general, for those who want to try everything and those who just want a few fun hours making a mug, plate or bowl.

Three times a year I hold a week long master class 1. Making and working with terra sigilata and shellac 2. Teapot making on the wheel 3. Hand building teapots

My studio has a relaxed and happy atmosphere, under 18s only Saturday morning, with regular workshops 10:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 15:00 Monday, Wednesday and Friday

bespoke pottery being created

Parties and Birthday Celebrations

Make something memorable to mark the occasion. With these sessions, you can choose from:

Parties and Birthday Celebrations

  • A Tile or Set of Tiles

  • A Mug

  • A Bowl

  • A Dish

Contact Susy, in Redruth, Cornwall, to find out more about her pottery classes and workshops.