Susy Ward Studio Potter

A woman stood near pottery

Susy ward is an instinctive, spontaneous artist. Her knowledge of pottery and ceramic technology and her flair allow her to push the boundaries of form while maintaining the integrity of the clay itself. She is approachable and enthusiastic with a wonderful and contagious inner joy. She’s more than happy to welcome visitors to her studio in Redruth, Cornwall; mainly with prior notice to avoid disappointment.

In the main, she uses local stoneware clay from St Agnes, and this perfectly suits her style of work. She creates everything, from sculptures to wheel-thrown, one-off pieces and functional tableware. Everything is finished using tried-and-tested glazes that can be tweaked and personalised while remaining safe and suitable.

The Studio

G10 is a large, well-lit ground floor studio within Krowji; a purpose-built, modern, three-storey hub of creativity. Double doors allow easy access for those with limited mobility.

Contact Susy, in Redruth, Cornwall, to speak to her about the pottery she creates.